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Angry neighbor is an adventure game about being angry and upset with your neighbor. In the game, you will look around the house of your neighbor. The event will be exciting and dramatic.
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Invictus Studio
Android 5.0+
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Most of the time, everyone has a neighbor. People in the neighborhood will have a wide range of jobs and personalities. What will you do if you find out that your neighbor is strange? An angry neighbor is a good choice if you want to know what it’s like to have a neighbor like that.

Angry neighbor is an adventure game about being angry and upset with your neighbor. In the game, you will look around the house of your neighbor. The event will be exciting and dramatic.

You are a person who is interested in everything interesting in the world. If you want to learn more about adventure games, Angry neighbor is the best way to do so.

Most of your neighbors are good people, and you’d like to know what makes them tick. A new, stupid neighbor just moved in next door to your house. This statement caught your attention right away. You decide to figure out what’s going on with the house.


Angry neighbor is a game made by Invictus Studio and sold by the company. Invictus Studio is an independent company that makes video games and is based in Tomsk, Russia.

The 3D graphics run very smoothly as well. There are different ways for a character to move, like standing, sitting, or moving. It’s also important to note that the furniture and atmosphere in Angry Neighbors are the same as in our natural world. You’ll be able to enjoy the game more as a result. The publisher has put a lot of effort into making the graphics work best on mobile devices.

So you won’t have to worry that the graphics on your devices won’t work well. The game looks more realistic because of the significant effect. Some pieces of glass are shaking because of the light breeze.

It’s also important to point out that the sounds in the game are very vivid. When your neighbor comes home and finds you playing, or when the door opens, footsteps are heard, etc., a dramatic piano tune will play. Because of what they did, Angry Neighbors will be more realistic.


A Few Full Fire

You must develop a strong sense of courage and intelligence to prepare mentally and emotionally for this game. The adventure is challenging, and you will likely run into many traps. It should have been easy, but it wasn’t. It takes a lot of time to set up the proper traps in the right places. In the house, traps will be set up. You can put banana peels in front of the bathroom door if you shower. To tease him, you could steal some critical things or turn off the power while he is watching a movie.

Flexibility Of Action

In Angry Neighbors, finding the monster neighbor’s secret deep inside his house is a lot of work and fun. As players do what they need to do, they may put themselves in danger. People other than players also set traps. He might also be able to trap. If you fall into his trap, you will be in some danger. Since it is a single-player game, there will be much to do and think about. Some people find this hard to do because there is little help available.

Take Action On The Keys

A strange uncle must have always thought strange things. He will do his daily tasks on a regular schedule and on time. It was also funny that he kept the key somewhere that was easy to find. These things are easy to think about. Get the key, unlock the door, and start your trip.

Get Inside The House

Even though the house is dull, it is also enjoyable. The way it is laid out is very different, making you feel other things. Playing this game will teach you many interesting things about an odd uncle. During an acting performance, actors can do anything they want, including watching TV. It is possible to climb different places to search and explore the area.


A player’s conclusions in the Angry Neighbor game app may depend on what they know and how they look at things. This game is usually an immersive and thrilling experience for people who like horror or survival games. The player is tested on their ability to make quick decisions by avoiding an angry neighbor. The graphics and sound effects make the game feel scary and suspenseful.

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