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OruxMaps Donate Premium (Cracked) Apk لالروبوت تحميل مجاني

5.0 (1) التطبيقات,
التطبيق من قبل:
jose vazquez
7.3.2 لأجهزة الأندرويد
تحديث في:
ذو القعدة 26, 1439

معلومات Google Play الإضافية للتطبيق:

مطلوب أندرويد:
4.4 and up
اللغة التابعة لها:
Google Play

OruxMaps Donate Premium (Cracked)

If you donate this edition, mind. You want to try the download version is the place to do the same.

Important! Now all are online ticket sources. This choice does not get you another source option for downloading a map.

Map visits, logger inspection.

Use the OruxMaps to display your out-of-door activities (Operation, trekking, mountain biking, paragliding, gliding, Nautic sports, ....)

100% no advertisement

Online and offline maps. Support for a number of codecs:

  • OruxMaps format. Oz Explorer Wisdom: PC Software Again you should use the card.
  • USGS -GeoPDF Retailers, Canada Net Assets, Australia Qtopo (experimental), ... Examples.
  • GeoTIFF help
  • Koshfa2
  • .img Garmin (vectorial) - No full support provided.
  • Kmbtiles
  • Krmp
  • .map (map forge vectorial). Support for custom themes similar to locus themes

You know the OruxMaps server can register, but it is not necessary, the application will work with this step. If you sign up for an account, the e-mail account will initially apply for various personal information, including gender, weight, and date of negotiation. This knowledge may be stored on the OruxMaps server, and will not be shared with any other person or company; they are completely at your disposal. The occurrence in your account is clear that the knowledge was removed from the server.

If you want to use multi-tracking, select the app which you must decide to share in their place by clicking e-mail contact with the customer. Those people can be stored on the email server, so you can share your location with them. These emails are used solely for this purpose. Your account may be deleted from the event, this information may also be from the server.

WMS and Support WMTS, you have an online viewer application map to use as WMS and WMTS.

Support source APRs.

3D visualization.

Using a range of external units:

  • GPS Bluetooth.
  • Coronary heart displays price Bluetooth zephyr, polar (with good units, like polar H7 Bluetooth).
  • Cycle rhythm and tempo BT 4.zero sensor.
  • Cycle energy BT 4.zero sensor.
  • Ant + (speed, rhythm, coronary heart rate, distance, energy cycle, temperature ...).
  • Ais information programs (experimental), water sports activities, use o bt wifi.

Additional options:

  • KML and KMZ support for GPX codecs.
  • Shares your location with your friends, status, and your colleagues in your system.
  • Get online maps for offline use.
  • Sample text language.
  • Profile; SD card to save your settings.
  • Statistics with graphics.
  • To comply with the routes, completely separate alarms alert you near the waypoint, or you're off the road.
  • Create / save wayponits images / audio / video extensions.
  • Custom varieties waypoints, with mouse.
  • Geo-navigation basic support.
  • Your Tracks / Roots Dam uses the right height for files (offline) or online providers.
  • Editor software monitor. Modify inspection factors (add, remove, transfer) when wrong.

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Search or track usage of Cloudmade or Broute applications offline.







Usage Monitor remains:


-gypsies stay

-ok map software

-upstate protocol

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