Privacy Policy is dedicated to keeping online users’ privacy safe. We think that better protection of personal privacy on the Web will not only keep our users safe, but also boost their trust and make them more likely to take part in online activities. The goal of our policy is to tell you what kinds of information we collect about you when you visit our site, how we might use that information, who we might share it with, and what choices you have about how we use that information. tries to give its visitors all the benefits of the Internet and to make their experience interactive and unique. By using our site, you agree to our Terms of Service and our policy on privacy.


This part tells you about the information we gather and how the technologies we use work.

  1. Cookies.
    “Cookies” are used. The cookies we put on your computer are very small text files that can be sent to your computer or mobile device. Each cookie is unique and can be used to identify your browser. They are kept on your computer’s hard drive and only talk to our servers when you visit our websites. is better because we use cookies to make it better. They let us track things like the total number of visitors and the number of pages that are viewed. They also help us improve so that we can give our users the best experience possible. Most likely, your web browser is already set to accept cookies, but you can change the settings to block cookies if you want to. Keep in mind that if you block cookies, some features might not work properly. Visit to find out more about how to manage browser cookies. Also, we let third parties who show ads, search results, and other content on parts of set and access their own cookies on your computer or device. These cookies are covered by the privacy policies of the third parties, not ours. During your visits to, these companies may use non-personally identifiable information (like click stream information, browser type, time and date, and the subject of ads you clicked on or scrolled over) to show you ads for goods and services you are more likely to be interested in. Most of the time, these companies get this information from a cookie or a third-party web beacon. When you visit our websites, we also work with a small number of companies that serve ads based on what you like and/or collect certain information. Interest-based advertising companies may use cookies to collect information about you that can’t be used to find out who you are when you visit our websites. This helps them show you ads on other websites that are more likely to be interesting to you. You can go to the website of the National Advertising Initiative at out.asp to find out more about “interest-based advertising” or to stop this use of your anonymous information.
  2. Information on the device.
    We collect information about the Internet browser, computer, tablet, mobile phone, smartphone, or other device used to access so that can be optimised for those devices.
  3. The Numbers
    We use information, reports, and analyses from third parties about how people use and how they browse the site. We let analytics companies from outside add web beacons and cookies to the site. The information that is collected includes search terms, search parameters, links that users click on, and other similar data. We use this information to make ApkNeed better and make sure that our users are getting content that is useful to them. We don’t know who uses ApkNeed because the analytics we use don’t let us do that.
  4. Log Files
    We may also automatically log some anonymous information about visitors to ApkNeed. This information may include, but is not limited to, the user’s IP address, search terms, browser type, and a history of the pages they’ve looked at.


ApkNeed expects its partners and advertisers to keep our users’ information private. But third parties, such as our partners, advertisers, and other content providers whose sites can be reached through ours, may have their own privacy policies and ways of collecting information. For example, when you visit our site, you may link to or see in a frame on an ApkNeed page some content that was made or is hosted by a third party. Also, you may learn about or be able to access information, Web sites, ads, features, contests, or sweepstakes from third parties through ApkNeed. ApkNeed is not in charge of what these third parties do or how they run their businesses. When you give information on a feature or page run by a third party, you should check the privacy policies of that third party. While you’re on our site, our advertisers, promotional partners, or other third parties may use cookies or other technology to try to figure out some of your preferences or get information about you. For example, some of our ads are served by third parties, and these ads may contain cookies that let the advertiser know if you’ve seen a certain ad before. Third parties may use cookies or other technologies to collect information through features on our site. ApkNeed has no control over how this technology is used or the information that comes from it. It is also not responsible for the actions or policies of third parties that use this technology. When you visit our website, ads are served by companies that are not part of our company. These companies may use non-personal information (information that doesn’t include your name, address, email address, or phone number) about your visits to this and other websites to try to show you ads for goods and services that you might be interested in. You can visit both the Network Advertising Initiative and the Digital Advertising Alliance to learn more about third-party advertising or to stop receiving it. ApkNeed has also added some “Google Analytics” features that support display advertising, such as re-targeting, to what has already been said. Visitors to ApkNeed can choose not to use Google Analytics, customise the Google Display Network ads by using the Google Ad Preferences Manager, and learn more about how Google serves ads by looking at its Customer Ads Help Center. You can also download the Google Analytics pt-out browser add-on if you don’t want to use Google Analytics.


ApkNeed has the right to change or update this Privacy Policy at any time by putting up a notice on the Site saying that we are changing our Privacy Policy.


This information helps us answer your questions or comments right away. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy.

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