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LBE Tech
4.0.8568 para Android
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dez 05, 2020

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4.0.3 and up
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Parallel Space Pro (Cracked)

Clone and record the same number, the app will run at the same time and your Android One-person space. As Pro, 90 million subscribers make a record of one of the best placed devices on issues for various parallel space styles with icons, gadget, and their own style. Is.

It only protects consumer privacy by installing undetectable devices with highlights in applications. In addition, customers can dial their clone programs frequently themes and their style of parallel space topics. Parallel space cushions and most Android applications are 24 bid good. Ensures a security deal with different data sets and gains parallel status to quickly change your location.

With the amazing features of Space Pro

★Do Record many of the programs or entertainment of the individual programs on this middle-person access gadget

• Consumers of harmony between life and tasks with ease.

• Twice consumers have a web-based gaming background and a great time.

• All applications were found to push a second recording area in parallel. Information from the two records will not interfere with each other.

★ Installation of Cladding through secure customer protection, make-up applications, and gadgets that can be detected

• Secret Programs With Only Eyes Secret Programs Shroud fantastic extremely intense customers with space applications.

• Safety pin to ensure customers safety.

★ Change support Create by topics

• Women are involved in parallel to the topic of space and to create an overview, change the topics customers style to implement their own space.

• Change style is one of a kind space according to theme. Customers can quickly change from tap to tap with different topics.

★ Quickly switch between accounts with just one tap

• Quickly switch between two sets of data, switching between them all the time and with a powerful monitoring tap one-wide record.


• Leading, stable and easy to use.

• A: Parallel space multigrid, in a way, depending on the primary application of the virtualization engine on Android.


• Agreed Parallel Space Parallel space usually involves the permissions involved for applications needed to apply. For example, parallel space does not allow you to get into your field, you are sent parallel to some applications space, your territory does not run in the situation of their colleagues yet. It does not collect its own information to secure parallel space.

• Usage: Do not take too much space, memory, batteries and information applications really need to be running inside through swallowing. Visible locations, close 'and settings can be found in the Parallel Space Assignment Supervisor.'

• Attention: There are some non-interactive interactive apps with an overview of whitelist or "lift" programs to ensure good advertising work without disturbing a parallel space.

• Conflict You can make two sets of people to apply for personal communication is not a portable number. With an optional port number for the parallel run into space, your records and guarantee programs should designate that the first registration number between dynamic checks should designate the number versatile on the corresponding message.

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