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Chess King
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Chess King MOD (Unlocked)

Download The Latest Apk Version of Chess King MOD, A Board Game For Android. This MOD has Unlocked. Download Now!

Chess King Be taught (https://be is a unique classification of chess school programs. It includes programs in technique, technique, opening, middlegame, and endgame, ranging from new boys to skilled gamers and even skilled gamers.

With the help of this program, you can improve your chess knowledge, teach new tactical methods and combinations, and summarize the information collected in the following topics.

The system works like a coach, providing tasks to solve them and help you solve them if you get caught. It gives you clues, explanations, and even revenge for the mistakes you have made.

Some programs have a theoretical part that explains the strategy of the game at a particular stage of the game, primarily using specific examples. The idea was presented in an interactive method that suggested that you could not only learn the text of the sermons but also act in addition to attacking and obscuring the blackboard.

Advantages of this system:

♔ Main quality examples, all checked for accuracy

♔ You can enter any major attacks the trainer needs

♔ Tasks Completely different categories of the complexity of tasks

♔ Multiple goals that must be achieved within the themes

♔ This system provides tracing when an error occurs.

♔ Ashan usually proves deputation for an illegal attack

♔ You can play any location of tasks for PC

♔ Classes Interactive theoretical classes

♔ Ured Material Structured Desk

♔ This system investigates changes in a participant's ranking (ELO) during the course.

♔ Check Versatile settings mode

♔ Ability to bookmark favorite workouts

♔ The device corresponds to the tablet's large screen

♔ The device does not require a web connection

♔ You can link the app to a free Chess King account and at the same time, of course, clear any of the devices from multiple devices on Android, iOS, and the Internet.

♔ Within the application, programs are broken down by subject and area so you can choose the most appropriate course

Each course includes a free half in which you can try out this system and workouts. The classes offered in the free model are quite practical. They allow you to test the devices in real-life situations before buying the perfect model. Each course must be purchased individually. However, you must purchase a membership that allows you to access all programs for a limited time.

You’ll be able to examine the next programs within the app:

♔ Be taught Chess: From Newbie to Membership Participant

♔ Chess Technique & Techniques

♔ Chess Techniques Artwork (1400-1800 ELO)

♔ Bobby Fischer

♔ Handbook of Chess Combos

♔ Chess Techniques for Learners

♔ Superior Protection (Chess Puzzles)

♔ Chess Technique (1800-2400)

♔ Whole Chess Endgames (1600-2400 ELO)

♔ CT-ART. Chess Mate Idea

♔ Chess Combos

♔ Chess Middlegame

♔ Chess Technique for Learners

♔ CT-ART 4.0 (Chess Techniques 1200-2400 ELO)

♔ Mate in 1, 2, 3-4

♔ Elementary Chess Techniques

♔ Chess Opening Blunders

♔ Chess Endings for Learners

♔ Chess Opening Lab (1400-2000)

♔ Chess Endgame Research

♔ Capturing Items

♔ Sergey Karjakin – Elite Chess Participant

♔ Chess Techniques in Sicilian Protection

♔ Chess Techniques in French Protection

♔ Chess Techniques in Caro-Kann Protection

♔ Chess Techniques in Grünfeld Protection

♔ Chess College for Learners

♔ Chess Techniques in Scandinavian Protection

♔ Mikhail Tal

♔ Easy Protection

♔ Magnus Carlsen – Chess Champion

♔ Chess Techniques in King’s Indian Protection

♔ Chess Techniques in Open Video games

♔ Chess Techniques in Slav Protection

♔ Chess Techniques in Volga Gambit

♔ Garry Kasparov

♔ Viswanathan Anand

♔ Vladimir Kramnik

♔ Alexander Alekhine

♔ Mikhail Botvinnik

♔ Emanuel Lasker

♔ Jose Raul Capablanca

♔ Encyclopedia Chess Combos Informant

♔ Wilhelm Steinitz

♔ Common Chess Opening: 1. d4 2. Nf3 3. e3

♔ Handbook of Chess Technique

♔ Chess: A Positional Opening Repertoire

♔ Chess: An Aggressive Opening Repertoire

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