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Teen Patti by Octro MOD (Unlimited Money) Apk สำหรับการดาวน์โหลดฟรีของ Android

4.0 (17) ปพลิเคชัน,
Octro, Inc.
7.77 สำหรับ Android
ต.ค. 10, 2563

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จำเป็นต้องใช้ Android:
4.1 and up
Google Play

Teen Patti by Octro MOD (Unlimited Money)

Download the latest app version of the Teen Teen Patti by Octro MoD for Android. This mode includes unlimited balls and lied. Download yours now!

The original pilgrimage center, the world's largest multilingual card game. Sport everywhere

The Octro Tin Bar is a unique hit! TeenPart Poker is a 3 card entertainment for cas online casino video games like Texas Hold'em Poker, Flash or Flush.

Introducing the new game mode

Play the Teen Bar in a more entertaining approach than ever. Make your best teenager mix on the grid and earn factors. Try to make multiple combinations of balls into one and get the compounding factor. The participants with the most factors win the match.

Amazing properties

♠ Cricket Betting: Predict cricket matches and multiply your chips

♠ Get the CH Bonus: Get up to 300,000 free checks when you download the Teen Bar

♠ Bonus Day Bonus: Regular Nach Charge Chips with Teen Patty Daily Bonus

♠ Leaderboards and achievements: Unlock new boundaries and achievements. Stay on top of the leaderboard.

♠ Friends Connect with friends: Invite, chat, and play the TB bar with your FB and various teammates

♠ Two foreign currencies: chips and diamonds. Convert diamonds with chips at any time and never run out of chips.

♠ Ics topics: Different topics that suit your nature

♠ A number of languages: You might play a teenager in English, Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati.

♠ Avatar: Choose from all types of avatars or import your personal image from Fb

Multiple game modes

1 321 Event: An Introduction to the New Match Mode. Place three very good playing cards in a set of three playing cards, 2 playing cards, and 1 card. Plays 321 games between 5 players and plays 5 rounds. The winnings account for five times the volume.

Public Table: Run simple three-mode mode. Thousands and thousands of players from around the world.

Conversion: Tries many variations. Rotating Joker, Lowest Joker, Joker, AK 47, 999, Muffles, 4X Boots, Banks, In-Out and many additional tin pty variations that come back.

P6 Box: Yarn replica by Talent Card. It is a replica of the technology. The 6 bar is a match mode that is played between 5 players and 15 weapons. The winnings account for five times the volume.

Putt Tin Bar: Choose the three most appropriate playing cards compared to conflicts with mystical characters and specialty cards. Character burn power can mainly be based on the three artillery ratings of weapons. The path illuminates the strongest character and the ultra-down card highlights the power character.

Private table: Play the tin bar with your spouse. Create your own personal desk and invite your colleagues to play at your personal desk.

Tour: Go sit 'n' or take part in extreme competitions.

Try a variety of exciting video games from Oct Cutro - Tinpatti Dwell, Indian Rumi, Tambola: Indian Bingo, Battlefield: Land Acc F Accidental Battles, Card Royale: Teen Patty Battle.

Oct Quattro simply simulates the game with digital currency and doesn't deal with any game at all.

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